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A major remodeling project can be one of the most exciting and difficult experiences a homeowner can undertake.  It is both a significant financial investment and requires time planning, developing and executing the construction.
First you need a plan and a goal.  Figure your desired function and use of the space.  The best way to prevent problems down the road is to make sure your contractor knows your expectations – what you envision for the space. It might pay for you to see a computer-generated picture or design to help you understand what the final product will be. It is much cheaper to make changes to a digital model than during the actual construction! Detailed planning minimizes changes and cost overruns down the road.
Next, a budget is vital to your satisfying result.  It is to your advantage to plan a minimum/maximum budget to target the best quality within that budget.  This means you are part of the team in planning the scope of the project and materials used.
Team Effort
Each of us has responsibilities. 
We will construct your project with utmost care for the following:
Best quality products and craftsmanship
Expedited building process
During Remodels, Least impact possible for current residents 
Full disclosure:  
Active clients have a transparent shared project dashboard with estimates of materials, labor, and schedule, with access to all project details 24/7 on our website through your own password-personalized project site
Open communication through full disclosure on your database: you see our entire database of your home project details
We orient you on using your online project database to ask questions, communicate concerns, and approve finish items
Your responsibilities include:
-Be open and clear on functionality – what you hope to achieve with your project
-Do all necessary due diligence in planning your project to minimize cost overruns
-Read, research and approve your project estimate and ongoing activities on your shared private database
-Notify us immediately of any concerns, questions or updated needs as soon as you know them.  You can write us messages directly on your database, maintaining a current record/history of communications and transactions.
Our services offered:
We generate as-built plans and offer different proposed designs to choose from after decisions are made for the expected design aspects of the space.
Create plan specifications, Bid construction costs, and then Build project to local code specifications. 
General Construction 
Build project from provided design and plan specifications (Assumes that all decisions of planning and design have been made)
Type of project may be new construction or remodel of existing structure
Service may include installation only of provided materials
General repairs using a time and materials contract for service performed
Upkeep of exterior and interior spaces
Overcoming Problems - 
We stress the following:
Adequate planning before the project begins = design option decided, materials decided, budget decided
Knowledge of limitations of the project: what is and is not included
Use of an online dashboard as a central, transparent database so all parties are aware of project costs (materials and labor).  Online database doubles as communication tool so there is a history of communication and clarity of correspondence between all parties.
These measures minimize cost overruns, unforeseen requirements and change orders.
Remodeling an existing home is a complex and time consuming endeavor. We use all of the resources at our disposal to mitigate any issues that arise in order to provide a project that is Done Right while focusing on quality at a great value. We do our best to provide you with an organized and pleasant experience while you watch your vision materialize by our skilled hands. 

The Design and Construction Process
Preparation is key to overall success! 
Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail!
  1. On Site Consultation - 1st Complimentary Meeting  
  • One hour in home consultation - to view the current home, discuss what your goals are for the project and what type of finishes you are seeking. The goal of our first meeting would be for both of us to familiarize ourselves with one another and the project, then determine a rough budget price range for the full scope of work we discuss or shown on any construction plans you may already have.
  • Interested Participants - We ask that all decision making parties to be there for the first meeting so we may clarify exactly how we can help and what the expected outcome for the project is for everyone involved.
  • Primary Documents - Please email us any documents, plans, or photos of the project before our meeting so we may come prepared to discuss where you are in the planning process and how to move forward most effectively. 
  • Fees - No fees for the first meeting or travel time. 

  1. Design - Once you approve a design agreement, we will collaborate with you on the design and finish selections process for your project. 
  • Floor Plans - We will create a floor plan of the whole home or just the areas included in the scope of work depending on project requirements. 
  • Setup Houzz - To get a head start on the design phase of the project planning we recommend that you create a profile on the popular design website if you haven't already done so. Once you create your own profile, we ask that you create "ideabooks" for each room of your remodel or construction project to organize the design inspiration photos you find on Houzz. To add us as collaborators click into an ideabook, at the top of the screen it shows add or edit collaborators, please add Precision Craft Construction as a collaborator for us to follow along with you during the design discovery process. For each photo you save to an ideabook please add notes describing what elements in the photo you do and do not like.  I find this collaboration tool helps expedite all the details required to determine your finish selections for a precise construction estimate. If you have other saved photos you can email them to me with the plans, and if you have started a finish materials selections list please forward that as well. 
  • Setup Pinterest - Another popular design inspiration website we use is Pinterest. As with Houzz you can add us to each “board” you create for each room of your upcoming projects. 
  • Design Meetings as required - We will meet with you 1-3 times to look over your idea books and boards, to discuss your finish selection choices, and to discuss rough estimates for each proposed selection. The goal is to narrow down choices that will fit within your proposed construction budget. Our goal is to minimize the back and forth of design revisions by keeping everyone on the same page using all the tools available to us. 
  • Design approval - A final design with preliminary budget figures for the material selections and amounts needed will be agreed on by all parties to move forward with a construction estimate and proposal. 
  • Fees - Floor Plans - $500 and up depending on scope of work, total SF, complexity, and structural and engineering requirements from the city.  Design - $500 and up depending on scope of design.
  1. Construction Estimate and Proposal - Once you have approved the final design we will begin putting together an estimate of all expected costs for the full scope of the project.
  • Finish Selections pricing - we will price all materials with our preferred vendors from the approved design in step 2. 
  • Construction Labor and Materials pricing - We will price out each specialty trade for the required construction process. This includes the work performed in house by us, as well as acquiring 2-3 bids from each of our preferred specialty tradesman to be involved. The result will be an itemized estimate of each trade including descriptions of the work to be completed, any exclusions, and a process for unforeseen issues that arise during the construction phase. We will typically include a contingency reserve for these unforeseen issues of construction to make sure we stay within the approved budget.
  • City Permit fees - Each city is different, but cost is usually determined by project value and scope of work to be included; this will be budgeted for but total final costs are responsibility of owner.
  • Fees - Finish Selections Pricing - $500 and up. Construction Pricing - $500 and up. All Selections and Construction pricing fees applied to the job total if a Construction Contract is signed for us to perform the project. 
  1. Construction
  • Signed approval of construction contract - including proposed estimate, schedule, payment schedule, and terms and conditions. 
  • Initial Deposit - to hold your place in our upcoming construction schedule. 
  • Permit and Materials Payment - Acquire city permits and to start ordering special order materials. 
  • Construction start date - Construction begins once all required materials are on site and tradesmen are scheduled. 
  • Construction Phases - Each phase performed in sequence and all permitting inspections completed with the city. Punch-lists made during each phase to ensure proper completion of included scope of work. 
  • Construction Progress - You have convenient 24/7 access to an online construction database containing all of your documents, budget, schedule and messaging in your own private customer portal on our website. 
  • Progress payments - After each phase of completion and passed off by the city inspection. 
  • Final Punchlist, Final Payment, Project Close Out - One final punch-list made in collaboration with the owner and all subcontrators for final project acceptance by owner once all punch-list items completed. Final Payment due before owner moves into completed space. 
  1. PCC Workmanship and Manufacturer Warranty Period - One year workmanship warranty on all labor performed. Manufacturers Warranty duration and other information provided during project close out. 

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